What is it?

1. ... click me to see all the pictures from this Bear Claw Tours ATV Experience, Georgian Bay's Ultimate Adventure!PowerPass Ontario™ is a reciprocal trail pass permit.

By that we mean that 4 ATVOntario communities recognize it as valid on their trail systems
(as seasonal use permits).

PowerPass Ontario™ is unique in that it is complementary to the community trail pass systems already in force on their routes.  Community passes, including daily, weekly and annual passes co-exist with PowerPass Ontario™ in ATVOntario.
PowerPass Ontario™ costs only $120 + HST for an entire year!
2. The PowerPass Ontario™ permit is valid for one full year after purchase no matter when you buy it.
3. PowerPass Ontario™ is only available online.  You can buy it anywhere you have internet access!
4. Once your PowerPass Ontario™ is purchased online you can immediately print a receipt so that you can use your pass within minutes of registering.  ATVOntario will mail you a plastic credit card sized pass that will fit right in your wallet.
5. Your PowerPass Ontario™ card is personalized.  The front of the card will have your name, number and expiry date.  The back of your card will have your ATV make and license plate number and a magnetic strip that can be used in future for special retail opportunities.
6. PowerPass Ontario™ allows dual use. 
  • The card you are issued will permit you to ride ATVs other than your own on our trails.  Simply provide a valid photo identification that matches the name on the face of the card and you are all set.
  • The card also allows others to drive your ATV provided the make and license number on the rear of the card matches your ATV and license plate.
7. PowerPass Ontario™ revenues are distributed equally amongst ATVOntario's community nodes.
This means that each community's ATV infrastructure and trail systems will benefit equally and will therefore be enabled to provided increased ATVing enjoyment for you in the future.
8. PowerPass Ontario™ is a continuation of an ambitious tourism and recreation plan ATVOntario launched in 2003.  In the subsequent years we have listened to what ATVers want.  Now in addition to providing first class destinations we are offering a first class pass.
9. Still have questions?
You can contact ATVOntario 2 ways:

Please note that ATVOntario is staffed and administered entirely by volunteers so you may experience short delays in our response to your queries.  Thank you.



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